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Karian Markos

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Poetry and Fiction 


I am the bridge between lands and generations.

A recombinant being, unassimilated, 

belonging to both and neither.


Excerpt from "Other"

Esemplastic: Many and One 


Coming Summer 2024

 Karian Markos Photo


One day someone will review my work. They may even like it. 

"Karian Markos is a pretty cool and modern lady."

F.M. Markos, Daughter #1

Some real reviews coming soon...

For now, I'll tell you what my kids think of me.

‘Karian Markos is a very nice, funny and cool person.’


M.M. Markos, Daughter #2

My kids are tough critics.

 “Mommy is the best, best, best, best.”


M.M. Markos, Daughter #3

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Expressions Art and Verse

About Karian Markos

Karian Markos is a Greek American poet, fiction writer and nonprofit attorney. Her work has been published in Living Crue Magazine, Prairie Light Review, Highland Park Poetry, Beyond Words Literary Magazine, Bombfire and elsewhere. 

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