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In the land that inspired Legia

Updated: Jul 9, 2022

Since I arrived in Greece almost two weeks ago, I have found about two hours a day to work on my book. Things are moving along! After landing in Athens, we traveled by car to Platamona, where I will be spending the majority of my almost three months here. The Castle of Platamona is one of the various Greek castles and fortresses where idea for the Legi Citadel came from.

Over the weekend, I traveled to Thassos, an island off the coast of Kavala in Northern Greece. My family and I stayed in the picturesque mountain village of Panagia. A fearsome lightning storm and torrential rains marked the first two days. We were chilled to the bone and constantly wet, but it was a thrilling experience. When the weather improved, we visited the ancient marble quarries, museum, and beaches. I was impressed by the Kouros, a 3.5 meter statue dating back to the sixth century B.C..

In a few weeks, I will be visiting my ancestral home in Kardamyla, Chios. I am looking forward to visiting the unique mastic villages of Pyrgi and Mesta in southern Chios. Lots of inspiration there.

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