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Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Part of my weekly writing routine is a little thing I like to call Submission Sunday. Every Sunday morning, my pals at Duotrope send me the Poetry Edition of their Weekly Wire. I started using it as a weekly poetry prompt, generating a poem or two in response to the various calls for submission listed in the email.

This week my casual scroll came to a halt on The Vampiricon: Imaginings & Images of the Vampire by Mind's Eye Publications. I decided to write a piece and submit. Why? Nostalgia.

The call reminded me of one of my favorite authors to binge read in my twenties. The one and only southern gothic belle, Anne Rice, and her Vampire Chronicles. Her emotive and passionate books resonated with me and even acted as a kind of dark color wash over my own writing at the time. I still relate to her twenty years later for different reasons, knowing about her experience with her child and her near compulsion to express her loss in writing.

I spent so much time in her luscious world of eternally youthful night walkers that I felt it fitting to honor that time with a piece of my own dedicated to the elegant undead version of the being she celebrated in her writing. It appears that others in the creative world feel the same, as a new adaptation of Interview with the Vampire is coming to our small screens soon. I will be watching.

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